Launching wheels for small boats "Linklauncher"

Some people call them transport wheels or boat wheels. Especially useful when launching/hauling on your own. Have you tried lifting an inflatlable boat yourself?  With motor? And I wouldn’t want to drag it on the ground, would you?


– Flip up: 2 seconds.
– Flip down: 2 seconds



Stainless salt water quality steel. Pneumatic wheels for best function on rough ground. Do not go so deep below bottom of boat, easier launch with “dry feet” on shallow beaches. Can remain on transom without obstructing. The motor is free to turn around 180˚ during reverse (for no-gear motors). Lift the bow and and go. Simpler than a wheelbarrow.

I have used this design several years on my Zodiac 260. I have also equipped my dinghy with launching wheels, a good relief for the back.

They come in 3 versions:

-For boats up to 80 kg, price SEK 2420 incl. VAT (plus shipping). For customers outside European Union, the wheels are sold 20% lower. There is an optional quick release for this model (SEK 660).

-For boats up to 150 kg, price SEK 2860.

-For boats up to 200 kg (double wheels), price SEK 4070.(Yes there are inflatables that big, but the wheels can also be used on other boats.)

The wheels are designed to take at least double the specified load. I have a small number if items in stock for immediate delivery, but will produce more on request . (For many wheels, ask for a quotation)
Mail me if you find it interesting.  Even if your interest is in the future. I would like to hear your opinion. I also would like contact with resellers.